Welcome to Pawtopia!

Welcome to Pawtopia!

On June 1, 2022, Pawtopia launched its first-ever website (www.thepawtopia.com). As a new pet brand that will support sustainable pet ownership and lifestyle, Pawtopia will offer Home Compostable Pet Waste Bags as its first product. 

Pawtopia, a Seattle-based startup, has already offered its products on Amazon since March 2022, which proved that earth-loving pet owners are ready to try a new quality, eco-friendly products. 

"I have 2 medium size dogs that enjoy both going at the same time in different directions so it’s a bit annoying if the baggie is hard to open. These have been great though! Super simple to open, durable, and does not rip whenever I tear them off the roll. They work as intended and are really great quality for being made with veggie starches. I’ve used some biodegradable bags and they are either too thin or seem to melt together if they get some rain on the roll. Highly recommend these if you’re looking for poop bags and want something eco-friendly!" said Andrea in her review on Amazon.

Team Pawtopia said "We were gladly surprised to see all the positive feedback from customers at Amazon. Now that the proof of concept has been completed successfully, our next focus is to reach out to a broader base of earth-loving pet parents. With that, our website will be the foundation of our brand where we expand our selection, communicate with customers, and offer the best deals for them." 

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