Why Eco-Friendly Pet Ownership is Important to Us, to You, and to Our Planet?

Why Eco-Friendly Pet Ownership is Important to Us, to You, and to Our Planet?

Wild animals leave very little impact on the planet in terms of pollution. But domestic pets are quite a different story, and unfortunately are left out of the large eco-friendly conversation. Pet owners need to realize the impact that owning a pet has on the planet, then actively look for ways to promote a more sustainable future for all (including your furry friends).

Here are some ways that our pets affect the planet and how pet owners can be more proactive in choosing better products.

Pet Food

Just like the food we eat affects the soil, ozone layer, and our health, the same is true for your pet’s food. The environment benefits when food is less processed and more natural, regardless of who is eating it.

Pet Gear

It’s a sad day when a pet is no longer part of your family. In response, many pet owners simply discard all of their pet’s things they no longer need. And if they ever decide to get a new pet, they usually buy all new gear.

An eco-friendlier approach is to save all your pet’s things in case you do bring home a new animal. It’s more wallet-friendly, plus it’s less plastic waste in the landfill. Or, if you don’t think you will get a new pet, see if you can donate your items (e.g., collar, leash, bowls, doghouse, etc.) to a shelter or another pet owner.

Pet Waste

The average dog poops around 275 pounds each year. That leads to a lot of waste and lots of plastic bags in the landfill. A better solution is to allow the poop to naturally decompose. If that’s not an option, use a zero-waste bag that will completely be absorbed back into the earth.

Taking Real Action with Environmentally Friendly Pet Products

Pawtopia is helping to lead the change by developing environmentally friendly pet products that make a difference, starting with our compostable poop bags. Rather than breaking down into microplastics like other “biodegradable” bags, ours are truly zero waste and leave the earth better than we found it.


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