pawtopia. truly an earth-loving pet brand

We do our business for a purpose under our mission:

"to help the pet community thrive by offering products that support a sustainable lifestyle."

Premium Quality. Earth-Loving Collections

Pawtopia Compostable Pet Waste Bags

The poop bag you use is more than just a practical item.... 

Fabric Dispenser Pouch Collection

Introducing our new line of eco-friendly paw-walk essentials that'll keep the sunshine... 

Truly mindful of your pets and our planet

Hello, our fellow earth-loving pet parents!

We are a small family business located in Seattle. Our name, Pawtopia, represents our dream to create a happy place for pet families, pet communities, and our planet.

We offer exclusively high-quality, eco-friendly products that earth-loving pet parents can purchase with confidence.

Moreover, we help rescue animals by donating a portion of profits and actively raising awareness for animals in need.

More about Pawtopia
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  • Coming from vegetable

    Pawtopia pet waste bags, made with vegetable starches, are 100% home compostable and break down into natural substances such as water, Co2, and biomass.

    In addition to our biodegradable dog poop bags, Pawtopia packaging box, roll core and paper dispenser are also recyclable and eco-friendly.

  • Premium quality ensuring no surprises

    Pawtopia dog poop bags are extra-thick, and designed to guarantee 100% leak-proof. The solid formation of our bags locks the odor under stress and keeps the undesirable smell from penetrating.

    With Pawtopia, your walks will be pleasant without any unexpected, nasty surprises.

  • Certified Home Compostable Pet Waste Bags

    • BPI (under ASTM D6400 standard)
    • OK Compost Industrial by TÜV AUSTRIA (under European Standard EN 13432)
    • OK Compost Home by TÜV AUSTRIA (under DIN CERTCO Home Standard NF T51-800 & Australian Standard Home AS 5810)
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  • Silicone bag carrier - Bring color and convenience to your walks.

    Made from silicone, an eco-conscious alternative to plastic with no harmful residue. Lightweight and durable, it withstands temperatures from -60 to 250 degrees, perfect for year-round use. Simply push the tied knot of the poop bag into the center crack, and the pad takes care of the rest during your walk. Available in green, pink, and purple, these cute pads add delightful style to your pet pack! 🐾🌿

    Our cute poop bag carrier 
  • Kraft paper dispenser - Cute, Convenient, and Recyclable!

    No time to find or replace your dispenser? No problem! Our 'ready-to-use' dispenser is here for you. This is light, convenient and cute!

    Our kraft paper dispenser and aluminum snap hook are all recyclable. Once you are done, refill with a new roll or simply toss it into a recycle bin.

    This Kraft paper dispenser is for short-term use only, so it can last up to two to four replacements (depending on the usage).

    Grab and go hassle-free!

    Biodegradable poop bags 
  • Cute little yet large dispenser pouch! - Light, durable, large and colorful

    🌟 Coming Soon! Introducing our adorable Poop Bag Dispenser Pouch! 🐾 These colorful and cute pouches will be your go-to poop bag dispenser. Crafted with lightweight and durable fabric, they can hold 2-3 rolls, a ball, keys, or any essentials you need. With five color options to choose from, this pouch is also washing machine safe for easy cleaning. Stay tuned for the launch!

Discover how Pawtopia Pup ensures a safer planet! 🌎🐾

  • Janny K

    "...You’ll find all the buzz words, like Earth, Eco, Green, USDA-certified, and Bio-Degradable, but if you read the fine print, you realize that they’re almost all made with plastic (made with corn doesn’t mean NOT made with SOME plastic) and, therefore, not actually compostable. Well, thank goodness for Pawtopia! Not only are their bags the real deal, the bags themselves are top notch: thick, easy to open, and large enough that I’ve been able to pick up a second poop after tying off the first one (my dog’s poops are smaller). I’ve tried MANY brands of bags because I travel with my dog and many hotels include poop bags as a pet amenity. I would rate Pawtopia’s at the very top of the pack."

  • Krislynne L

    "I am a dog walker so I am constantly going through bags and have used many different brands. I prefer compostable because it’s environmentally friendly, but every kind that I’ve ever gotten has been difficult opening. I find it very annoying! These bags are the easiest ones to open that I’ve ever used, even easier than any regular plastic poop bag. I can open these guys with one hand. Plus they are thicker and sturdier than any other bag and fit perfectly in my bag dispenser. I highly recommend!"

  • Bella

    "I decided to buy these to scoop my cats poo from the litterbox, I hated that I had to use plastic bags because it's so wasteful...I must say these bags are a great thickness and once the bag is tied up, you don't smell anything. I looooove that these are compostable."

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